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5th August 2007

My First Post

Finally, I did it. One of my goals for this year was to start my own blog. It took me almost two months to get this blog going (more on that in my next post.)
I started reading blogs last year and some of my favorite have been: and, One of my main inspirations has been Ramit Sethi of I like the way he manages his blog, involves and inspires his readers, and of-course his style of writing. An aspiring entrepreneur myself, I have been toying around with different ideas and have a couple of domain names registered but the desire/need to be online was not big enough that I could devote my resources and time to it, until I read this article on Ramit’s site. It’s a book review on Ben Casnocha’s new book “MY STARTUP LIFE”. My Start Up Life

I was intrigued by what could NINETEEN YEAR young individual write on a “start-up life” that the book made it to #1 Movers and Shakers list on Amazon. At 19, I didn’t even know how to manage my daily activities let alone manage a company. So while going through excerpts from his book, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment when I read the following lines here :

“Like companies, you are projecting a brand right now. Each of us is CEO of Me, Inc. The question is whether you are going to cultivate your brand to be as truthful and powerful as it can be….

Your online identity. What will someone find when they Google your name? You should own the first result—it should be a personal website or blog that you run. You should also own an email address that is your name (for example,”

That was it for me. The desire, sense of urgency, need – everything kicked in. I taught myself some new stuff and went to work on my blog. And there … you have it.

If you are here for the first time, please leave your comments on what you like and don’t like about this blog and how can I improve it.

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" TOO OFTEN WE ENJOY THE COMFORT OF OPINION WITHOUT THE DISCOMFORT OF THOUGHT. " - JFK. Thinking is required, commenting is optional. Please leave your thoughts...

  1. 1 On August 7th, 2007, Zachary said:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. 2 On August 11th, 2007, Ben Casnocha said:

    Thanks for reading, Preet, and welcome to blogging!

  3. 3 On September 12th, 2007, Gousalya said:

    I like the name of your domain. I am in the process of starting something soon too. I have started reading alot and hope to change the course of my life. Well good luck with your blog…only problem I see is that it is too sunny. I suggest a different theme. You see, Ramit made it simple and elegant, easy on the eye to read. There must be a reason for that. People come back for content, not graphics…

  4. 4 On September 18th, 2007, Preet said:

    Thanks Gousalya for your comments. I see value in the point that you brought about Content Vs Graphics. Based on time and feedback, i will update the site layout and colors sometime in future. To find more reviews from experts about this site, visit this link Is my site good enough or do i need to redesign? I was lucky to get this domain. It goes well with what i want to make of this blog. Good luck with your blog! Would be interested in finding more when it goes live.

  5. 5 On September 19th, 2007, Logan said:

    Hey Preet,

    I like what you have going here.

    I have added you to my blogroll at If you like, I would appreciate a link on your sites blogroll as wel.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.


  6. 6 On September 26th, 2007, Preet said:

    Hey Logan, thanks for reading and appreciating my posts. I am happy that you added me to your blogroll. Thanks. I see that you have a great readership developing for you. Keep up the good work!! Unfortunately i am not into video games and neither is this blog, otherwise i would have definitely added you to my blogroll.

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