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2nd January 2009

I wanna sell 10 butterfly larvae for $30. Will you buy them?

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun …” – Leo Burnett.

As kid, I use to bring home caterpillars all the time, feed ‘em and turn ‘em into butterflies. I could never imagine that this fun-filled activityButterfly pavilion could be turned into a business. But a California based company called Insect Lore has been running a successful business doing that since past 30 years. Their product – Live Butterfly Pavilion – sells for $30. It comes with a see-through mesh, 6-10 Painted Lady butterfly larvae with special food and complete instructions to raise the larvae. They have made the product inviting to look at, fun and educational to use and leaves lasting memories. They are not in the business of selling insects, they are in the business of selling experience to the right age group. Now that’s entrepreneurship.

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