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20th March 2009

Good Customer Service can turn into Customer Loyalty

I bought a brand new, high end laptop from Dell in Jan, 09. But we were never meant to be together for long. Our relationship ended when some burglar stole it just a few weeks back. When i realized that my laptop was stolen, I called the customer support right away hoping they might help me as it came with 2 yr “theft protection” provided by a third party vendor – Lojackforlaptops. The customer support rep was polite, sympathized with me and asked me a bunch of questions. She then marked the laptop as stolen in their system. Since I had theft protection, I asked her if I will get any refund or credit. She pointed me to the Lojackforlaptops as the theft protection was from that company. Now, I call Lojackforlaptops and a different story unfolds. I was on hold for over 30 mins before anyone answered my call and the rep who answered my call was not helpful and cooperative. She said, all that service does is that it monitors if the stolen system goes online and then informs the police. She wouldn’t refund any money for the service or the laptop and wouldn’t even listen to me with patient ears.

On the other hand, the dell customer rep, called me every morning for next 3 days to help me with this situation. She refunded some money related to warranty and even called Lojackforlaptops on my behalf to see if they would help. Dell LogoBut it was all about the fine print. Lojackforlaptops’ “theft protection” is actually “after-theft monitoring”.

I was impressed that dell has a policy to reach out to its customers and do whatever they can to help them out. This was my first ever purchase from Dell. This experience with dell has been wonderful and I look forward to do business with them for many years to come and would even recommend them to my friends and colleagues. On the other hand, whenever, I’ll hear “theft protection by lojackforlaptops”, I’d be VERY skeptical and would rather look for another vendor for actual “theft protection”.

Very often companies spend lot of time and money on the product, marketing and creating deals with suppliers (like lowjackforlaptops did with dell) but pay very little attention to training their customer service reps. Customer Service mostly gets call if (a) a potential customer wants to inquire about a product / service or (b) if the existing customer has a “problem” (forgot password, something is not working, theft etc.). Inadequate training for prior case means losing a potential customer and loss of potential income, whereas inadequate training to address grievances could mean loss of established income stream and loss of customer loyalty.

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